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What's Missing


If I can't pay attention
I can't think about
all the things that lead me to doubt
how much I am in the things that I do
what's new to me and what I already knew
but I can't see or hear
and I need to know if I'm missing something

But I don't need this in my life right now
is the last thing to say to me when I don't know how
to get beyond thinking of things
that are unimportant like this
I had no worries when I had no doubts
courage was something I could live without
but that's impossible
when there's something missing

I don't need to tell you
take it easy on me
when that's something I need

When I had no worries I had no doubts
at this point that's something I've forgotten about
like what's missing
But I would happily give it away
to know why I never give anything up

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