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Bésame (Unreleased)

Becky G

He asked me my name, I told him "Becky"
All that I could think was
"Baby, baby, you're so sexy"
Cause he's a papi Chulo
Si dale bien duro
But what's the next move
Tell me what you gonna do though
Baby you can come a little closer (si)
Maybe we can dance a little salsa (si)
Picante pa delante que emocionante
Baby I just gotta let you know

Cuando me miras en los ojos yo asi sieto el amor
So baby quedate y cuando baje el sol

Dame todos tus labios, tu cuerpo
tu alma y bésame, abrasame
Como un sueño a ti
that I love you amor así bésame, abrasame

Come closer, baila conmigo
Come closer, baila conmigo
Come closer, baila conmigo
Come closer, baila conmigo papi

Tell the, tell the, tell the, tell the Dj
Don't want this night to end
so we gonna put this shit on replay
And we stay
Grind and caderas stay whine
By the way, I move it
boy I know I've got you smiling
This to one two is [?] (si)
I know you like me more than just a friend now

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