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When You Hear That

Beanie Sigel

[Hook: Beanie Sigel]
When you hear that, that's the sound of the police
Whoop, whoop, uh, don't get handcuffed by the beast
When you hear that, that means the cops is comin' nigga
You better get to runnin' nigga

[Beanie Sigel]
It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you
Without a rhyme about the nine and what the tech do
The four pound line, a thirty eight special
With AK shells through your tephlon vest too
Yeah Scrap, when the Bastard's back out
The pastor's back out, the casket's passed out
It's shit bags, and them Catholic's passed out
Shoot up the crack house, smack worker's bond like crack's out
Go to war, Mack never backed out
The mac's get backed out, the air's get dust off
The cage get bust off, the shaft and the stock get cut off
Your cash and your block get cut off
And the SWAT and the ambulance rush off
My hand on my nuts like fuck ya'll
My SP Jeans drift, layin' on them s dot grim shits
I'm out to buck you like And 1, just run when the van come

[Chorus: Beanie Sigel, Ol' Dirty Bastard]
When you hear that, that's the sound of the police
Whoop, whoop, man, you better throw that piece
Toss the handgun, before the man come
When you hear that, that means the cops is comin' nigga
You better get to runnin' nigga
Toss the handgun, before the man come

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu..
Shame on a nigga, who try to run game on a nigga
Who put the strengths on a nigga
Wu bandana, I smoke Diana
Fuck Joanna, she hot, though we be hand her
The Ol' is famous, put in the rhymin'
I gets mine, stop being wondrous
Americana, half Montana
Only gonna smoke the best marijuana
Dis the Grammy's, on the panel
Change the channel, good smell flannel
You think shit is dandy, well fuck your candy
Forty foot glock! Shoot with handy
I fucked Amanda, you talk propaganda
Only gettin' money, on the Maranda
I stay candid, government branded
Heavy handed, woman demanding


[Peedi Crakk]
It's not game of R. Kelly
Run up on twenty-six and seven, coke peli'
Open up and them in deli, spray whoever the sweaty
My felony, mix emotions when I walk in that building
That's why I sip that purple pill that make choke up your seven
Back the ac'! As if you don't notice
Make me call that boy Mack, Bean Sig' flip you over
Respect mine, them tech nine's ain't my thing
I defeat the purpose of death lyin' with one ring
Make the place, vacate, I can't wait
For you to come out your face, so I could come off the waist
Hey, it's Peedi, Peedi, when you see me, take it easy
My uncle be named Reesy, his luger be named Squeezy
Make you get low without M-Eazy
My murder just might please you, you know them niggaz my people's
And every time you see me do my thing
They tell me, Peedi, Peedi, crush easy, the Mac gon' ring


[Outro: Ol' Dirty Bastard]
When you hear that!
Yeah, this that shit straight out of jail, muthafuckas
YouknowhatI'msayin, you know how we get down, nigga
This that real shit, muthafucka, 2003 shit muthafucka
YouknowhatI'msayin, Dirt McGirt, muthafucka
Dirt McGirt, muthafucka, Beanie Sigel, muthafucka
Beanie Sigel, nigga, better get down and lay down
State Property!

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