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Naked Flame


There's a place in my heart where you used to be
There's a pain deep inside don't want the world to see
Nothing but emptiness
Once there was your caress
I was touched by your naked flame.
Now it was hard sometimes tose things that we went through
But believe me when I say i would never mean to hurt you
I hold the memory of holding you next to me
In my arms like a naked flame.
Think it over before you break my heart
Think it over before the crying starts
Then we can say goodbye to the tears
I should have known that this time was a coming
But if you ever need me I'll come a-running, home to you
There's a place in my dreams where we used to meet
But there's no one around now, it's just an empty street
hold the memory of holding you close to me
In my arms like a naked flame
In my heart burns a naked flame.

Compositor: Gary Moore

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