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Elessar's Call


The morning wind brings the feeling
They have been waiting for
Cloak of depressing clouds
Prevent the light
So many hopes and prayers
For this moment not to come
Earth whispers a silent warning
Something dark has awoken
Dawn of the battle approaching
What can save them now?

To cast the hope
To light the flame
True believing in better days
At last the path is chosen to go
No more running away

Demand the dead betrayals
To fill their oath
For the final battlemarch
There's just one more road
Once was broken the sword
Of the newborn lord
Reforged is the blade
For the glory in the battlefield
Chance to return the honour
Eternal curse will be gone

To honour the fate
To wield the sword
To claim the father's throne
At last the path is chosen to go
No more running away

Gift of the beauty immortal
Glow of the thousand moons
Princess and Queen, Evenstar
Gift of the beauty immortal
The One for Elessar

Compositor: Jyri Vahvanen

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