Time For Love

Barren Cross

Round and round l want to get it down
And then we'll rock this town when my
Love comes down
Give me what l really want give me what I'm looking for
And give me something that won't be gone
When l walk outside that door,
Give me something right now
Give me what I'm dreamin' of
Lord it's time for love
Time for love
Time for love
Time for love

Round and round it really gets around
There's power to be found, can you hear it? Its name is love
Got to get it into my soul, need a double shot of love
And need the kind that'll still be there when the feeling's down below
Time is here and right now, time for what I'm dreamin of
Lord its time for love
Time for love
Time for love
Time for love
More than a feeling it's really love
And it's more than I've felt before
And it's easy to see on the day that l met my Lord
Ain't nothin' better
Than the kind I'm of dreamin' of, ya

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