Cultic Regimes

Barren Cross

Cultic regimes,
Money to scheme,
False religions, beware
Caught in the grip
Caught in the spit
It's all going to burn, it's a snare

Worship the god of your choice
Is he asleep where is his voice
My god raised up from the dead - is yours in bed?

No more
No more
No more
No more

Power to take
Power to steal
Your mind is what they want
Don't let them suck you into their muck, they'll
Hound you and pound you all



Listen to me
The bible it says
One god is the maker of all
If you don't believe that Jesus is God,
Then my god made yours, that's all

Brainwash the goose,
Brainwash the gander,
Brainwash what moves and gives
But if I could brainwash the cults with the truth,
Millions of lives would live

Cultic regimes
Cultic regimes
Cultic regimes, no more

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