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The Legend Of The Wizard and The Fairy


This is the story of a wizard
Who wandered the enchanted forest in pain
Cause in spite of his magic
He hadn´t been able to find any love.

The moonlight his only one friend
Gave him the energy to tolerate,
The torment that he was feeling
Taking the blame for his own loneliness.

It´s that he knew very well that in his life,
He was supposed not to escape
his endless fate.
If someone should love you once,
you´ll know in time
You´ll only have to be ready
to spot the moment.

He was walking down the forest
When he felt a stranger was looking at him.
It was is beautiful fairy
The one he had always been trying to meet.

From that moment it was written
The fairy and the wizard
Were longing to be.
Together in the deep forest
Loving each other for eternity.

The evil which was always there
Just couldn´t bear
To see them happy and bright
With great delight
And with his anger he attacked
Until he put her to sleep
And she fell into a bad dream
Where she could not feel.

The wizard wandered his castle
Looking for power
To bring his love back.
And to return to his fairy
The most tender look
that she had always had.

He didn´t stop for a second
Planning the best way
To make her wake up
And to save her from the evil
Spirit who´d managed to make him feel sad.

And now he knows what love is
And that he´ll have
Enough power to tolerate
The fairy´s absence.
He knows one day he will see
His lovely fairy come back
And they will happily live forever after.

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