Band Of Horses

Throw My Mess

Band Of Horses

Why Are You Ok

Don't want to through my mess around
All through the night
One more time

Add a little link to the neighbor's gate
Stumble to the lock
It slow my mind
Slow my mind

Gonna get wasted all night long
Gripping on tight to the cutlery
And when the paranoia come

Thinking about it maybe it's been a while
Ponder it all you like
You can take your time

Getting me arrested was the strangest fate
For showing me that you're mine
But it saved my life
Saved my life

I'll be with you all them years
Now if anybody dies before I'm back
See me laughing through those tears

Baby, won't you bring that hammer down
Doin' it to myself
Just leave these things alone

Playing on a couch with a record on
Wouldn't that be fine
When the days turn cold
Oh, the days turn cold

All the trees are turning gold
When you see me floating with the mercury
When a change of scene come

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