Band Of Horses


Band Of Horses

Why Are You Ok

Your eyes they have this glowing
You were more than I deserve
After all our shame and suffering
I turned my back to everything I really want
And put you first

Are we really in love, completely in love
Get mention and make your skin start to crawl
Started off living in brooklyn
It unfolded like a dream
Dazzled by the very thought of it
Like the way dreams are supposed to be

If I'm not what's to come
I will sleep with it
I will carry them on
And we will lose in the end
Only start the whole pattern over again
Over again

Are you truly in love, absolutely in love
You're happy enough
Are you fully in love
If I'm not the point in carrying on
Why spend half the time indifferent
And the other half lone
I will live with my regrets
Learn from [?] and be done with them
Start the whole thing
Start the whole thing over again

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