Band Of Horses

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Band Of Horses

Why Are You Ok

The night is wasted
Sorry you passed out on the lawn
Hours later
You couldn't get him on the phone
And when he got back home
All the lights were on

I can hear you
Now and then the sound is almost gone
Well, I'd be near you
If you were willing to be near anyone
It's never you at all
And when the sky begins to fall

Will you get to the point
And walk away, girl
You've been cutting it close
For far too long
There's an innocence lost
Throughout the day, girl

When you're flipping a coin
You're half away, girl
I know it would be good
If I could only pick a side
You know when somebody goes
Somebody stays, girl

I am leaving
Leaving town and going on
Well, sorry darlin'
But I never to do you harm
The situation's wrong
And the blame is all your own

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