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Chinese Restaurant


Tarzan Boy - The World Of Baltimora

The time is 8:09
Im running to the line
The one that takes me down
Down to Chinatown...

Theres shouting in the streets
A pattering of feet
Intrigue is everywhere
Total chaos...

Chinese restaurant
Were meeting here tonight,
We ll say goodbye
For one more time
Chinese restaurant
Keep breaking up and mending
Seems to be the pattern of your love...

A writing on the wall
A symbol tells it all
I should have known before
She was moving on...

Mysterious almond eyes
Incapable of lies
I should have known before
She was moving on...

Its just like a movie
We kiss and she walks away
Alone on the sidewalk
Im left like a fool today
Its just like a movie
My fortune cookie says:
"Keep on moving on your way,
Shell be back here once again"...

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