On a Roll



I must have been on a roll
kept on losing control
ah but the night is not meant to make sense out of it all

oh but it's taking its toll
shakes the body and soul
and my two arms don't reach far enough to embrace it all

I must have gone through a phase
must have been in a daze
can't get away, cannot turn the page, I'm a rat in a cage

I must be under a spell
as far as I can tell
I'm in a trance, see I stand no chance, oh I know damn well

Ah I know you've seen it coming
telling me I should stop running
from it all
but how I keep on running
running right to you

I'm slipping into my role
letting go of control
let it to the other to take the piss out of it all

I am confused to the bone
I am stuck in a zone
ah but the night is not meant to make you feel all alone

ain't no control
ain't no cool down
ain't no remedy
ain't no sideway
dress it up the way you want

can't control it
can't contain it
can't direct it
cannot get away
can't reduce it
look at it the way you want

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