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Killer Or The Cure

Balance Of Power

First time, there's no returning
Second time, there's no way home
Do you feel lucky once again?
Rumour has it it's all or nothing
One long nightime coming soon
We're ready to dance, but I hear nothing
There's no-one to play the tune.

Can you feel the sun, it's burning, burning
Do you feel the stone cold rain...

The Killer or the Cure
the final act, deciding factor
The Killer or the Cure
the neverlasting peace hear after
The Killer or the Cure
no return the morning after
The Killer or the Cure
its an un-holy war

You can see my lifetime, in the flicker of an eye
from black anda white, to cyber-space
You can live your whole life long
Nothing seems to go too wrong,
until you're ready, ready to run
We're all waiting, has anybody,
found the starting gun

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