Walk Away

Bad Religion

All Ages

shut off the t.v and peel off those sunday gloves,
and I'll stain the clean that you've been counting,
old mr. fletcher passed by here today,
after 40 years of toil he just up and walked away,
fantastic the panic that showed in his eyes,
he shrugged when I asked him about it,
he said "young man pay heed, you listen well to what I say,
now there comes a time for a man to walk away",

walk away, I'll be a parade,
and I'll be determined that no one shall dissuade on my way,
I'll take my sweet time and burn all the bridges that I'm leaving behind,

he passed by again and he was shivering from the cold,
I'm not sure but I think that he was trying,
he told me about the weather and something old to pay,

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