Bad Religion


Bad Religion

The Process Of Belief

She said "Thanks but I'm broken
I guess ya' must have mispoken
Wanna laugh I've never been chosen by anyone"

She was barely a teen hangin' out in between
Just a part of the scene
With mercurial smile and incurable style
She was only a dream
How's that?
He didn't know a thing about
Makin' love to the kinda' girl you read about

He said "I'm bound to be broken
But then in bed, "that I amount to nothin'"
He won't let anybody show him anything

He was a troubled child
Had been down for a while
Always kept to himself
No she couldn't defend he only wanted a friend
Now he's made somethin' else
It's so sad
No one saw it comin'
The paper said that he hit the ground runnin'

Oh Yeah
I know I'm not broken
A little cracked
But still I'm not broken
I wanna laugh but I think that I am chokin' on reality

When the world is turning for you
Don't turn on me
Who are you here to repair
Well I don't know what you mean
You could never exist
You're a fight in despair
And now it's comin' to you and I don't really care

Well I'm not the kind to insist
You couldn't have missed
We must co-exist
So please listen to me
There is no such thing as human debris

Oh Yeah
I know I'm not broken
A little cracked
But that amounts to nothin'
I wanna laugh
I'm not jokin'

I'm unbroken
(Oh Yeah, I said I'm not broken)
I said I'm unbroken
(A little cracked, It's just a token)
I'm really not broken
(Well I guess, I'm not broken)

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