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San Francisco Serenade

Bad Astronaut

We run like it kills us to stay
If Josh happy nothing to the didn't last top to you
He's try is knees things my seems to many one else
A retard them to document

The worth is here
The worth is here

Excessive city we can't awful to stay
A home to the scene somehow safe now we can a full to live
Transformation tragedy it's conclusion
Aware my chest to drums the dead

You're my worst
Story will see
Serenade to lawn
Now it's ending

Slow my mind
Silence the truth
Take my broken hands
Watch the world remain

The store is red of hospital and alcohol
An empty asshole
The favrosty and honesty
Or your be treat
Resisteny the bild is fail on everything
That incoherent a time is now for

You're my death
On your disease
To get a we will bleed
To for you late can't see

Take my broken hand
Watch in all haining
Who watch it all haining

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