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Rush Over Me

Backstreet Boys

Washed away my sad face
Flooded all my empty space
You take away life's heartbreak
And I know with you it's going to be ok

You're rushin' through me
Like water from Heaven
I feel you movin' through me
Like sand in the sea
And now I feel so alive
I know that there must be
Something here
Cause you're all the air in my atmosphere
Finally I feel complete cause
You're rushed over me

There's no more blindness
When I cry I'm smilin'
You kept me from dyin'
And I know with you I'll keep on livin'

It's not enough just holding on
Before I met you I was lost
Now that you're standing here
I don't want you to go
I know that your love keeps me alive

Compositor: Backstreet Boys / Harvey Mason Jr. / Damon Thomas

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