Backstreet Boys

(Verse 1)
How many times am I gonna let you walk right pass?
I swear sometimes I think I'm moving too fast
You'll never know if it's gonna last
I guess that's what scares me sometimes
I know it ain't right but I don't wanna let you care
I wanted to love but I'm a little scared
You'll never know what you're gonna get
And that is what scares me sometimes, times

Next time love comes my way,
I'll never let it happen, happen baby,
If ever I made, made a mistake,
I've been a rebel too long
Rebel too long (4x)

(Verse 2)
How do I hurt people that don't hurt me back? yeah
A Tug-a-war, got so tired of that
I may not let my wall guards down,
I'm done playing tough guy for now, for now
Everybody deserves second chances,
Not only flies in certain circumstances,
Can't keep running away from these feelings
Everybody needs someone sometimes, sometimes


(Verse 3)
And before this moment fades away
I wanted you to know I made mistakes
Even if there's no more words to say
I tried to be better without you

(CHORUS) (2x)

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