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Let's Get The Mood Right


written by Babyface (1996)
performed by Johnny Gill

You look sweet as ever
Just how I picture you
Swear that you're looking better
And thats so hard to do
Girl I hope you don't mind
If I remininsce all the time
When I was your guy and you were my girl
There was nobody else in my world

Let's get the mood right
Turn on your heart light
Put on that old red dress
Baby let's cruise
Baby it's your night
Blow out the candlelight
We're going out tonight
Just me and you

Guess there aint no denying
You just get better with time
You don't think I'm sincere
Let me make it perfectly clear
You still make me rise
With those sweet bedroom eyes
And how could I forget
How much I love the sex
And you're still the love of my life


When I think of our moments together
It just touches my heart
Don't you know it makes me wonder
How we could have fallen apart
Baby I swear from this moment on
I will be there
Keeping it going on
For the rest of my life
I'll be singing
My my my my my my

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