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We Ballin

Baby D

[Verse One]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm about to get them dollars
D-O-L-L don't forget the A-R
And I'm a B-A-L-L on y'all
Swerving candy red show stopper
Kemp balling in the SS impala
In the green four DVD screen
20 inch dubs balling in the club
I'm a pimp a whore when you see me
Come and greet me Baby D beep me
We got some freaky deaky
We in 'fore the night get sticky player
Thats how we do it when we ride through the A-T-L
Yeah yeah ya ya ya (ya ya ya)

We ballin [x10]
(We ballin) [x8]

[Verse Two]
Now how you talk fresh shorty seven days a week
Ride a navi 20 inches with the dvds
Go to the club and get in free
She started bouncing that ass then come ride with me
The iceberg is jay's cartier gold shades
Fresh from the barber shop temp fade
Money hoes and clothes with five g's to show
The oomp camp balling in a tinted black x-4
Here we come in the chevy playing pastor troy we ready
Swerving in a sky blue candy painted suburban
Straight getting to it they ask me how you do it baby
It's in my nature lady


[Verse Three]
Purple rain got me and my homies drained
600 for an ounce of that Saddam Hussein
I grabbed it on a plane down to pick me up
Riding shotgun with Baby D blazin' up
Jumping out the Lexus truck
Signed a few autographs
The source gave us four mics and a paragraph
Damn it feels good to be home
Ain't nothing like riding on dubs and chrome
Player we home the oomp camp done got strong
All my niggas shining while these player haters dying in their heart
Shaquita getting busted catch a charge
And my cristal ain't cold
And I got no weed to roll


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