Ohh Ohh

Baby D

[Baby D]
Now what you really know about dat dirty south
Throwin bows, mean mugging, grilled out, thugged out
What's up shawty
Get crunk (ohh-ohhhh)
You way
Get rowdy (ohh-ohhhh)
Cuz dem boys coming bringin the noise (ohh-ohhhh)
When you see me holla at me potna (ohh-ohhhh)
20 inches SS Impalaz
Say ATL baby
It's all gravy
The home of the beats, gold Ds' and the Chevy (yeah) (We ready!!!!)
On stage, I get da club crunk
I make em jump jump
I make ya girl shiggidy shake to the HOH (yeah) (hoody hoo!!)
When ya see me holla at me (ohh-ohhhh)
[LiL C]
I thought I told ya I'd be back
To flip from ride Lacs
Colors on gold Regals
18's on flats (uhh-ohhhh)
We got da whole club waitin (ohh-ohhhh)
That's what da whole crowd sayin
In the southside every ghetto say they sayin they
Don't fall
What's up shawty (ohh-ohhhh)
We da call
They see the crunk, it ain't no mystery
So what ya want
Got hollin and screamin
And make the whole world jump
Ridin Chevys on 18s
We sparkin up on the scene
Lil C how you doin man
Now watch how the crowd scream
[Chorus 2x]
We throwin bows and fights
So it be crunk all night
Dollar Bill keep em jumpin when I grab the mic (ohh-ohhhh)
Where dey at boy there they go get em
Major make be the click that spit
Throwin bows outta top of the Jag (ohh-ohhhh)
When I see ya girl bouncin dat azz
Y'all, don't wanna get buck wit me
Naw, 20 Gs ain't enough for me
Can't hold a G
Ya betta roll wit me
Or get slacked up shawty
Wit da OC
Buck shot on tha rag
Boy we don't be playin
Everywhere we go playa
We got da club sayin
Where da Westside at?
Where da Eastside at?
Where da Southside at?
Where da Northside at?
[Baby D and Dollar]
(Baby D)
Where dey at?
Where dey at?
(Baby D)
Where dey at?
Where dey at?
(Baby D)
Where dey at?
Where dey at?
(Baby D)
Where dey at?
Where dey at?
(Baby D)
Where dey at?
{Continues until fade, then}
[Chorus 3x]

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