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Eastside Vs. Westside (remix)

Baby D

Dat eastside ho, (baby-d :westside)
Dat westside ho, (southside)
Dat southside ho, (northside)
Dat northside ho, (eastside)
(repeat 2x)
[baby d]
What'cha know about the e-a-s-t-s-i-d-e
We droppin dem, loggin ass niggaz, we be rockin dem
We ridin 22's on that ss impala
Representin dem thugs
With girls and every chevy on dubs
Wit du-ran-gos
Twerkin, bouncin throwin bows
In da south dat be my city you can call it dirty, dirty
Got me rollin westside, eastside thats decatur
In da other cut
When i estimate ya
Navigate ya
Throw yo hood up shawty represent where ya stay
In 305, 917 all da way to l.a.
They say the westside nigga
Be the bestside nigga
F**k around and get caught up in a drive-by nigga
Southside ho,
Eastside ho,
Westside b*tch,
Yea my nigga we ready to start some sh*t
Da atl need to bundle up and bust somethin on yall suckers
I bet you wont hit a motherf**ker, now what
[hook 2x]
[baby d]
Nigga yea, if ya didnt know they call me baby d, a.k.a:lil choppa toy
Atl boy, the originator of this eastside, westside sh*t b*tch!
[big oomp, in background]
[baby d]
My nigga we brigin da pain
We be droppin them diggity-things
Now how many niggaz in da club in here drunk
Where ya from my nigga, lemme see ya get crunk
Eastside, westside, southside
Chump, aint too many motherf**kers make a nigga pick up in here
So dont fear when ya see a nigga comin through
Who dem e-a-s-t-s-i-d-e
Comin in d, double e, p
Get crunk when ya see me comin through
With my hair low
I smell trouble
Throw ya motherf**king middle finger up
If ya dont give a f**k
Tear da club up
Get buck
Lets start some sh*t
How many motherf**kers in here bouncin b*tch
Outside in the big body outta control
And the westside, eastside throwin bows, now lets go
[hook, repeat 2x]
[baby d]
Eastside ho!

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