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Verse 1:

When I'm out on the road goin from show to show
I told my homie Romeo how much I miss you so
I don't know how much longer It'll be
I'm missing, wantin you
And I really want to talk to you
(Oh No) I left my two way at home still sittin on the
(Oh No) My batterys' dead on my cell phone and I
really wanna call ya
J-Boog let me use your phone gotta call my baby girl
back home and let her know what she means to me
cause we've gotta be

Chorus 2x:

You're my angel
You're my heart girl
(You're my everything) You're everything I want in a woman
(You're my everything) You're everything I need in a woman

Verse 2:

I got you on the phone
You sayin you wish I was home
But then you flip the script, to put me in the wrong
And you think I'm lyin when I been tryin all day to
talk you
Jugglin videos and photo shoots
Baby girl don't think that one minute goes by and I
don't really wanna call ya
Don't think that I'm screening my calls off checking
my caller ID tryna dodge you girl
Tryna be all I can be
A youngin in this industry
You mean the world to me
You are my everything

Chorus 2x

Girl I want you to know that nothing will come between
you and me
Girl I want you to know that you always be my

Rap: (Lil Fizz)

Baby girl I'm missin you
Can't wait to get home so I could hold you
Pain is love when it comes to you
Faithful and true is what I stay to you
You my homie when I chill wit you
Throw on some sweats wit some nike shoes
Or get sidity for me
Louie skirt wit the mini T
See times been hard for me
Bein on the road without my wifey
Lookin at my watch as time goes by
Lookin at the sky as the day goes by
Wishin on these days you could fly
To the next town and be by my side
For you I ride, for you I lie
Me and you go Bonnie and Clyde.

Chorus 2x

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