Plain Jane

B. J. Thomas

Come all to the junior/senior prom
Biggest occasion
Of the year
And now the time was here
All the girls were going
They all had a date
But what about jane
What about plain jane

She wasn't pretty
Kids made fun of her
But she was gentle as a kittens purr
Still she had to feel the pain
When they called her name
Plain jane poor plain jane

Oh how she wanted to go to the prom
But no one would ask plain jane
Poor little girl living in a cold cold world
And lonely she was lonely as could be

But then the phone rang
Someone asked for jane
Tears began to flow like rain
But they were tear of joy the call was from a boy
Asking jane to the prom plain jane was going to the prom

She was all excited couldn't wait
Going on her very first date
Spent the whole day getting dressed
Had to look her very best
But now its half past eight
Guess her dates gonna be late

Meanwhile at the prom
Everyone was laughing bout the trick they'd played
And the boy who made the call
He was laughing loudest of all
But there joy turned to tears instead
When the morning paper said a girl was dead
To much pain for a girl with a name plain jane
Just to much pain for a girl with a name plain jane
Just to much pain for a girl with a name plain jane

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