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Tell me, can you hear?
the melody is in the air
Around me, showing me the only way
Tell me, tell me, if i go
Will you cry for me?
But now I'm hungry for your love
tell me, tell me...
Your face up in my mind
Who says that "love is blind"?
your beauty caught me unaware
your smile carries me away
This lovely place
Reminds me of the first time I saw you
Take my hand and you will never repent
I'll take you to places never seen before
Dreams and reality can be together
life is too short, we can't wasted our time
baby I'm losing my mind
you make me loose my innocence
1 it was loving me
2 it was touching me
3 it was hurting me
And the future will say
I held you in my heart
from days of paradise
you're my first thing every morning
Electrifying female
This lovely place
Reminds me of the first time I saw you.
Take my hand...
you make me loose my innocence.

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