Azealia Banks

New Victim

Azealia Banks


And in every piece
Of blood clot
Eight inches away from the big commencement
The mark of the beast (666)
(I love you baby!)

Slayyter, bass up
Boy, gotta get you geekin'
Mix her, elixir
Gotta get this bitch freakin'
Hey cutey, hey cutey
How you gonna take some dick in?
Big tits, D cups
I just wanna see this bitch peakin'
Tit lick, clit rub
Tell your little bitch don't fake it
Scissor, sister
We about to get this paper
Are you gonna keep me waiting?
Hey cutey, hey cutey
Are you gonna get me naked?
I don't wanna be impatient
I just wanna take this off
Fuck me to the beat
Cause this my favorite song
Face down, ass up
Anyway you wanna take it
Boy you better break this pussy
Leave my pussy bakin'
Boy you better make me take it
Boy you better take me hot
Deep down, ah-hah
You know that I like it raw
Face down, ass up
Anyway you wanna take it
Boy you better uh, uh
I just wanna get, get naked
Hope you like the pussy
Baby come stick your face in
Slap it, kiss me
Show me how my pussy tastin'
Make me ride and moan
Pin me up against the wall
Lick down, lick down
Come baby, lick some more
Said you wanna be my boyfriend
Bet you gonna make me cum
And I got the pinkest pussy
Hanging, my pussy is warm
I just wanna keep you hard
I don't wanna miss a minute
Gotta get you out this jaw
Time to stick your dick in
Boy you're gonna take too long
Honey, gonna sink your teeth in
Bet you better take your time
Deep down, deep down
Boy, I'm gonna get you geekin'
Uh, huh! (Uh, huh!)

Abracadabra doll
Yes niggas, I'm a star
I bet these bitches wanna know if my pussy blond
New York, Atlanta, L. A. hoochies up in my squad
A little shot of liquor
Hop in my hoopty, uh
Abracadabra jawns
Hit 'em up, grab 'em up, flash 'em hard
Big dick I'm grabbin' 'em hard
Hittin' all licks, all racks, all cards
Oh nigga you gon' pop some bottles
Rap nigga you gon' pop some condoms
Hop in this, got you gone
Buddy I got you, got you gone

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