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Gimme a Chance (Bwet)

Azealia Banks

Broke with Expensive Taste

Gimme a chance
Carolina h fits, hottest bitch from the block
Used to puff phillies n duchies n stuff nicks
Now I light doobies, the cutie from five fifth!
Life like a movie, she typing her own script
What this? Young sis, made it from the cement
Started pushing her own bricks

Put on for her city, I pop in metropolis
Hold this- chocolate and focused. Know this- vocal and chosen
Opponents, leave 'em dead in they own crypt!
Murder she wrote, she prefer it in cursive
The purse sick, the verse is perversive
They worship, making the words skip
Superb witch in demand, she's perfect
Understand the plan the blueprint
100 Grand in the hand its on grip

Money getting galore, cream cover the pores
Honey drip on ya jaw, mami spittin allure
Imma get it for sure, getting it all
I'm dreaming it big, tupac it shakur!
Vision it clear, who's stopping a star?
You deep in the rear while I'm knocking it forward
Impressing the pair (peer) , but 3 get 'em a charm
You checking from where? New yorker to heart
Harlem girl from the block, ponytail with the part

If you give me a gimme a, Imma give you a lot
Many benji's from pennys bet you can't hustle a fox!
Tony oscar or emmy is you acting or not?
Phony homies and any and who happen to plot?
They come up with empty, while u beam to the top
While u cream of the crop!
Llevate el dinero, y ese bandolero
Nada me hace falta, y yo a el no lo quiero
Todo mi vida cambiado, estoy mejor cada dia
Lamento informarte, no funciono la brujeria!

Mira como baila, la nena, morena
Mira como baila, sin llanto, ni pena
Libre independiente, me dice la gente
Rebelde y caprichosa, pero eso es otra cosa
Yo mucho pa ti, tu muy poco pa mi
Ahora mas que nunca, me siento feliz

Actitud positiva, la regla de mi vida
Si no me conviene, hacia mi no viene
En control me quede estoy a cargo de todo
Mi vida, mi suerte como dicen ache!

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