Azealia Banks

Evil In Me

Azealia Banks


Going down in the woods
Hit these bitches up
Not give fucks

And I'm ready to fuck

I wrap my hair around your neck
And choke you like I'm supposed to
I bet you like
[?] destroy ya

Terror and horror
I can see your aura
I can tell you love it

Here comes the horror
Bitch you are a coward [?]

Two shots and i'm ready to fuck
Got the pump in the trunk
And a clip in the clutch
Caught'em all off guard, they ain't ready for us
Say my name, say my name in the mirror
I show up with a machete, these bitches is cut

Better gimme the buck, tell'em gimme the nut
Tell'em gimme the cock, better give me the dutch

Now niggas, come on bitches and hoes
Stay tuned, come on stay tuned, stay for the next episode-a
Haters, okay them haters must be sniffin' the cola
Ok - okay now I guess I wish niggas woulda

Put it down and I'm picking it up?
Uptown, all the niggas, whats up?
Ain't no bitch like me
Ain't no bitch like me

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