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Black Madonna (feat. Lex Luger)

Azealia Banks

'Bout to get a bag
Show some ass, he spending this cash
Rich and bad, these bitches mad I got the gift of gab
Niggas ass, . 40 mag in my Birkin bag
Click and blast, take out the trash, dumping 'em
Got to get a bag
Show some ass, he spending this cash
Rich and bad, these bitches mad I got the gift of gab
Ugh -. 40 mag, I'm working 'em bad, ay, uh

Black diamonds, blue dollars
and purple clouds for Black Madonna
That calico shred ya fitted, I got it if you want it
Guess I'm poppin ya topper like Jiffy Pop, jelly ya donut
Lil' mama's a rider, she get them dollars and get going
Put li'l mama in Prada lacy Provocateur, he zonin'
I'm choppin' that powder, that Oochie Wally, get him open
He slurpin' punana, I point the silencer then smoke him
Robbed him out his Gabbana
and hit the highway hit the... oh

Got to split this cash with some bad bitches in the Jag
Digi dash, duffle the stash, then pump on the gas
It's a wrap, yes, it's a wrap if these bitches rats
Ugh - cheese in they crack, 'cause bitches is rats
Got to get a bag, show some ass, these bitches is mad
40 mag in my Birkin bag, yeah
These niggas ass, I'm workin' em bad, ay, uh, uh, ugh

Fuck what you heard about me
Cold killer, Hillary Rodham with the murder count
She ain't no Bm, no nigga bottom
bitch workin' a route for cheese
I'll catch ya, cook ya, then murk ya
Cold pistol, wop ya then dirt ya
Clean you safe like detergent
They lurkin', I put that work in
Cook it up then I serve 'em
Then shake the spot like I'm twerkin'
Rider provider, hot box the chopper
Jealous niggas keep talking my stock up
Just send a drop, big big bazookas
be scorching your block up
I make it hot up in this bitch, you want hell you can find it
Big Black Madonna pack the clips
with the hollow tips and unload
Time to collect your soul, tip toe in the door

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