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Baby It's Cold Outside (feat. Jonny Blu)

Avril Lavigne

I really can't stay
Mama it's cold outside
I've got to go away
I said it's cold outside
I wish I knew how
Tickled to death that you'd drop in
To break this spell
You'd better break that spell, oh God

My mother will start to worry
Mama, what's your hurry?
Father will be pacing the floor
And he's gotta go, he's gotta go
Really I'd better hurry
Please don't hurry
Well maybe just a half a drink more
Take some 'swiss kriss' while I pour
The neighbors might think
Mama, it's bad out there
Hey pops, (what's that?) what's in this drink?
Ain't no fun to be had out there, you know
This evenin' has been
It aint' even started yet
So nice and fine
Take another drink-a-wine
And maybe you'll change your mind
I ought to say no, no, no, sir
You don't have to call me sir
At least

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