Bang Bang

The Avett Brothers

Closer Than Together

Another "bang, bang, shoot-'em-up" movie
Pride and vengeance all around
Another "bang, bang, shoot-'em-up" movie
Meant to blow my mind, make my heart pound
Bridges and tempers on fire
Please turn it off, I'm tired
Of "bang, bang, bang, shoot-'em-up" movies

Have you ever had a gun pointed directly at you
And there isn't any doubt it's loaded and ready to go?
Well I have twice and I don't recall any heroes on the scene
Just adrenaline and fear
And a few souls who have unfortunately seen

A lotta "bang, bang, shoot-'em-up" movies
People putting people in the ground
"Bang, bang, shoot-'em-up" movies
Meant to turn my head, make my heart pound
Fiction and commerce conspire
Please turn it off, I'm tired
Of "bang, bang, bang, shoot-'em-up" movies

I live in the country because I love peace and quiet
But all of my neighbors have closets full of machine guns
And every Sunday they're out there pretending to be Rambo
And I'm in here pretending like Sunday is still sacred

Conceal and carry your fear
Don't need no weapons here
I've had all I can stand
Of the blood-thirsty leading men

If you think there isn't any connection between
All the violence you see in real life and what's on the screen
Well it seems painfully clear to me
That you're living in a fantasy

Another "bang, bang, shoot-'em-up" movie
Living room like a battle-ground
A "bang, bang, shoot-'em-up" movie
Meant to push the envelope, make me say, "Wow! "
If I never hear gunfire again I'll be fine
So please turn it off, I'm tired
Of "bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang
Bang, bang, bang... "

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