Australian Crawl


Australian Crawl

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Step lively my friend take cover
Be sure beware of this other lover
She's cool she's you
She's oh so shrewd and she's on to you
So steady Eddie think clearly be ready
Sometimes your heart can be unsteady
She's on time she's on line
She's push and shove 'cause your her goldmine

Chorus ~
Shutdown shutdown
You should shutdown on her hey
Shutdown shutdown
Close on up don't walk her way

Colour conscious from top to toe
V.I.P. spends her money on the snow
Her slim waist her good taste
She'll go in slow but she'll up the pace
You're her ticket to the swinging jet set
You'll make her someone you're her best bet
So look sharp play the part
Think with your mind and not your heart

Chorus +
Walk her way

Love is easy love is so unkind
Some are sleazy love is so blind
Her blue eyes her bust size
She's done her homework and I'm not surprised
So step lively my friend, take cover
Beware be sure of this other lover
She's on time she's on line
She's push and shove' cause you're her goldmine

Chorus +
One hour one day
Somehow someway
She'll Shutdown she'll shutdown
So close it up and save your alimony
Your alimony

Your alimony

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