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Run Forward

Audrey Assad

Oh, won't you show what you're feeling
Is it too much to ask that your heart be revealing just a little bit
Oh, just a little bit, just a little
I don't think I've ever informed you
I love you desperately
Even though I only you just a little bit
Just a little bit, just a little

Oh, how'd we get so disconnected
My heart is shutting down
I just can't let it

So I'll run forward and pray you fall back
Grace will come and clean your path
I'll run forward and you fall back
Come back

You treat your time like you own it
It's slipping fast away
And you're not getting younger
Not even a bit, no, not even a bit
No not at all
This love is a battle we're fighting
You've laid your armor down
Oh, and now I can't find it, not even a bit
No, not even a bit
No not at all
You took your love for granted
But oh, it never left you for a second

You make me afraid
Thank you
I've got to thank you
'Cause now I know his strength
Thank you
I've gotta thank You
So please don't run away

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