Cope Park

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Cutting out
Of school again
Heading out to Cope Park to get
Been failing out
But that's okay
It's not like anyone will notice anyway
And your mothers working to make it
You bring him home
You sneak him in
Nosey neighbors with nothing else to do
And this thing stinks of cigarettes
Water it down
While your mothers working to make it
Your failing out
Failing out
Your mother shouldn't be proud
To hold you
To call you her daughter
Your dad
Her heart
Your always pulling her apart
And she knows she'll be better off without you
Useless thing
Just lays around
Always tries to feel in the wrong
Wandering hands
Locking yourself in your room
While your mothers working to make it
Your faling out
Failing out
Your mother she shouldn't
be allowed to hold you
Call you her daughter
I know
You'll be
You'll go out of this ?
But it will take many years before you
Don't you turn away
Come on out
Right here in front
in front of his face
Come all at me
Cause it ?
my family thing
Leaving you all for me
Come on out
Thought we were close family
Come all at me
Because the truth hurts
My family thing
And this it shouldn't hurt so much

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