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Stranglehold days
wear you away
pacing holes in linoleum
stuck in a rut
still love him too much
hard to believe
how far down you have come

Bottle to glass
Glass to your mouth
A ritual you've grown
accustomed to these days
Windows no lights
alone in a room
The afternoon sun abandons you

You're frozen stuck in the past
'cause nothing good seems to last
You broke down somewhere along
'Cause nothing good lasts very long.

Your children all raised
no one to tend
You burned all the bridges
with all of your friends who
Stood by your side
in sorrow and hate
You've driven them
driven them all away

You're frozen stuck in the past
'Cause nothing good seems to last
Afraid you'll fade till you're gone
'Cause nothing good lasts very long

You make the worst
of everything you
Childhood dreams that never came
Still can't accept
he up and left you
Wedding vows still remember the day

Your children raised
no one to listen
Pull the drapes shutting out the sun
You pour yourself - yourself another
While the out - the outside world
moves on leaving you behind

Looping it inside your head
'til it becomes frayed
Stuck in a rut
minutes turn hours into days

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