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Kickin' Wing, Animal Doctor

Attack Attack!

Someday Came Suddenly

We haven't had this much
fun since spring break '96,
that's right i said it, let's do this, oh yeah.
I'm rockin' I'm rollin, I'm ready to go,
I'm up on the stage I'm singing the notes.
Are you ready to get lost tonight,
and lose all control?
When in doubt, when in doubt,
He will save you.
And you can be what
you found on my head,
I'll tape this up and tear it down,
you'll look so wonderful dead.
I'll tape this up and bring you down,
this is not a test.
So sad to see the way that you look at him,
I bet you're so vain you like looking thin.
He sees right through you.
He sees right through you.
Come on, tell me the truth, tell me the time.
This is the life, this is the way,
that you want me to be.
This is a lie, this is a strike,
and you don't get three.
I've taken all this time to
show to you my lines,
to read you my rhymes,
you'll never memorize,
please don't forget me.
Now you have taught me
how to live by grace,
and I will do this until my dying day.
how could I ever fall away from you?
You taught me how to live like christ,
and how to show my face in the worst of times,
and all I can say is thank you.
Take it, here I owe you, all my affection.
Take it, here I owe you, all my affection

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