Athena (Turquia)

So Confused

Athena (Turquia)

He took my hand, you know in that way,
and gave me his trust
but did I knoe that the very next day
our relationship had gone bust
Its not the first time
I must admit
The thing is I didn't doubt him a little bit

Shall I let him back?
No, no babe.
Shall I let him back?
He'll do it again, yeah.
Shall I ditch him then,
No, no babe.
Shall I ditch him then?
But then you'll be lonely. (Yeah, yeah.)

My heart says yes,
My heart says no.
Oh help me please I don't know where to go.
My heart says no,
My heart says yes,
I'm so confused
this is a test.
This is a test

I never knew it would turn out this way
No, no, no!
I'll just get on with another day!
Yeah, yeah!
Shall I let him back?
Shall I ditch him then.
My answer is, maybe.

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