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Golden Age - Acoustic

Assíria Maia

I'm not afraid of who I used to be
I've grown fast
So fast that I couldn't see
I've been lonely
I'm saying all those things
And makes me feel so corny

We've got the light, we've got the fire
Shout it out at this night
Got a ride, I got a bottle
Come with me
I'll be your model

Let's run into the parking lots
And feel infinity
I don't give a fuck about modernity
I just want sit with my friends
And talk about who I want to be

Throw your phone away
It give us so much to say
Come with us
In this trouble town
Come and look around
The bad kids are lost
Trying to get high enough

Golden age, it's what all they say
I'm leaving my past behind
But they say I'm out of time
But I will shine
Golden age, I don't want to grow up
They are telling me to shut up
Cause they're all old

My mom think I'm 10
But I don't give a damn
Because I am
I'm enjoying my golden age

Golden age

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