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The Flood


Neptune sends his servants of disaster
His trident commands the howling winds
Guides the hurricanes onto the lowlands
Striking hard on the southern province

Wild waves ramming on entire coastlines
The heavy storm comes in from the north west
Maximum velocity of nature
Elements seem to have coalesced

Levels exceeding
Continuing downpour
In combination of a tidal surge
Roaring and raving
Ravaging gates
Conditions persist to emerge
Signs of desperation
Out of the mainland
Vessels sending out their sos
Wreckages sinking
Their fate was sealed
Impossible to aid them with succes

Defences breaking
Dikes crumbling down
No longer able to resist the force
Surprising havoc
Widening gaps
The conquesting flood shows no remorse
Villagers drowning
Life stock swept away
All communication broken down
Lost road connections
Buildings collapsed
Disappeared and overflown whole towns

Reconnoitring helicopters searching
Delivering supplies and bags of sand
Evacuating the dead and the living
As the sea withdraws from drained inland

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