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There Was a Time



There was a perfect time for us, it seems so long ago
We were so naïve about the things we both should know
The best intentions come to nil when love has lost desire
And slowly years will show the dying embers of a fire

There was a time when I loved you
And a time when I lied
I put none up above you
And I tried, yes I tried
I'd stand aside, so you could be free
But all of the time I was running from me
I'd lay down my life, if you'd asked that of me
Yeah, there was a time

To look at all the years gone by, I made mistakes it's true
It's always just the little things remind me of you
All too often, I will sit, and wonder where I've been
For every time I look at you
I'll know you're thinking of him

There was a time I respected you
There were times when I cried
When I was expected to, I would stand at your side
And you ask me would I do it again
I would tell you the truth, look you straight in your eyes
And I'd say it though most would think me insane
I'd say it although I have nothing to gain
Yeah, There was a time
There will come a time for you

There was a time when I loved you
And a time when I lied
There were none up above you
And for you, I'd have died
But the big wheel turns at last
When all my emotions were tied up with you
My hopes and my dreams could never win through
The path has been cleared, now I'm free of you
Yeah, now is my time

There will come a time for you

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