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Finger on the Trigger



I go down fighting - thunder, lightning
As the final curtain falls
Although enlightening, the conclusion's frightening
You have me by the balls

No escape, no hand of fate
As the end comes into view
Oblivion calling, no sense stalling
Now I know it's all because of you

You got your finger on the trigger
You got your hand upon the gun
You know this thing is getting bigger
We have a good thing going on

The bullet bitten
My tombstone's written
Now you're changing every line

Your aim is true
Thru cold steel blue
And you're waiting for the sign

Don't think twice, cold as ice
Forced to face your fear
Each tortured minute, no feeling in it
And now I know it's all because of you

Just where you been, girl
Black as sin, girl
With your smokin' 45

Take it further
Scream blue murder
And to hell with 'keep it live'

No regrets, last cigarettes, or 'promise to be true'
One last kiss, remember this
Now I know it's all because of you
We have a good thing going on

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