My Boi and Me

Ashley Tisdale

When a sign of the times
Is that times are extremely tough
When you look at the world
And the world that you see is
Yes, rough
When you feel like a long lost pup
And you need some cheering up
Sit back, relax, and watch us do our stuff

We're gonna sit and shake your hand
That's how it starts
We're gonna nose our nosy way
Into your hearts
We'll sing and back
In two-part harmony
Me and my Boi
My Boi and me

We make the perfect par
We've got that savair-faire
And any bone you throw
We'll catch in midair

We're gonna find a part
To sink our teeth into
We're gonna jump through hoops
And get a great review

We're next year's shoe-in
Tony nominee
You're gonna love us
That's our guarantee

We'll bow together
On the count of three
Me and My Boi
My Boi and Me

We make the perfect pair
We've got that savair-faire
Me and my Boi
Me and my Boi
Me and my Boi
My Boi and me

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