Hot Mess (cifrada)

Ashley Tisdale

Guilty Pleasure

Hot Mess Intro: F#m A D x2 1 Estrofe: F#m A I'm a mess when D it comes to you F#m I've got no A D inhibitions whatsoever F#m A It's true I'm not the kinda girl D who runs around like this F#m A Caught up in a kiss D Best friends with benefits No Pré-refrão: E F#m A But you're so racy You're my D favourite guy E F#m D So unruly So uncivilized E F#m A Cu---pid got me right D between my eyes C#m You know you D got bit real bad C#m Doing things Bm that you never did Refrão: F#m A D Ooh Ooh ohh F#m A You wake up in D your bra & your make-up F#m A D Ooh Ooh ohh A/C# D Car in the driveway A/C# D Parked sideways F#m A yeah I know D this is killing me F#m A I'm leaving every piece of D my conscience behind F#m A D Ooh Ooh ohh A/C# D I'm such a hot mess A/C# D I'm such a hot mess A/C# D I'm such a hot mess G(hold) With you Estrofe 2: F#m A With you D I never knew F#m Never knew it A D could be so fun F#m It's true A I was such a D good good girl F#m A D Before you came along (Repete pré-refrão e refrão) Ponte: F#m I'm getting speeding tickets D I'm acting just like a misfit A I've got all my mail piled up to the ceiling D You're making me irresponsible F#m Cause I just wanna be with you D Act rambunctious and see what A/C# I do Go hard D Hit the gas A/C# Live your life like D it's all you had A/C# Just push harder D Make it last A/C# All this Bm love is worth it F#m A Hot mess D Hot mess (Repete refrão) Final: F#m A D x4

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