What I Am

Ashes of Ares

Ashes of Ares

You preach salvation as if you could do no harm
But your words are visceral hatred is their spawn
Toxic in nature dripping with the stench of fear
A coward's lies still haunt me of these many years

Take a look around you friend this world is not your alone
You keep belching bile trying to keep your gilded throne
Your righteousness is tethered to hypocrisy
Delay your judgement until the old man comes our way

Let God judge me let God judge me!
Words like "sin" and "blasphemy" they are wasted on me
Take your judgement and be damned God knows what I am!
The beauty of this life must escape your crimson eyes
The word of God you have twisted as you please
Well you have got to believe

Compositor: Freddie Vidalles, Matthew Barlow, Van Williams

Letra enviada por Mário Sérgio

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