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Leaks Of The Industry (Freestyle)

A$AP Rocky

Acapella with my fellows, you know I need a Cinderella
Under an umbrella
I tell you, don't put the camera in my mouth
?cause I ain't serious
I ain't sure as you scur, I said for sure
I had to sign a fucking cause, dog
Now I need a real dog to come beat my tit drill, dog
And you know when I'm

Flack O tell me what your name is
Holla at your chains ever since you became famous
And you know these bitches in my way, they is the lamest
And my old bitches they be always on that same shit
Niggas who I'm hanging, gang bang, we be on that same shit
That game mention and I let my changes
And I let the lane switch, when I do this it's so dangerous
Hit you with their fingers, nigga, why you playin'?
Nigga, what you sayin'?
And I be spraying AK, some tex and Rolex
Roll through your jet, show no respect,
they go to Jeff, call the sheriff
Niggas know I did for the trillest
I don't give a fuck about your feelings if you feel this
Shout out to my killers, we the realest,
hundred dollars business
Four wheelers and a motherfucker add
Nigga, kiss my ass, your bitch blow my swag
And I got money out the ass, cash out in a bag
I remember last year, I ain't had a dime to spare
But now look at me here, got money long as my hair
Got your bitch unaware, wanna receive my underwear
Never give a damn about your fear, I don't fear, no, I don't care
I don't give no motherfucking hater my time
Fuck that, I'm in the state of my mind
I'm probably in my prime and I do this for my Leakers
Holla, I need 80K for a feature, nigga
Bleed it out your speakers and I got them divas
Recent species, Jesus pieces all up on my
Glitter chains and I let the motherfucking chill to bang
You should've, shooting ?caine
I'm with the triller gang

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