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We Fight Back

As It Is

All that we were after was an escape
To revel in the things that made us who we are
And oh, the way you shattered and swept away
The bigger piece of happiness we'd found

'Cause if this is war, you're the one to our thousand
We won't let you outlive your threats and offences
These are the things we love and would die to defend
Time and time again

We fight back with a passion
That is greater than hatred
And the coldhearted can't win
We're the young and elated

It always starts the same, and always ends in blame
It leaves a sour taste that often lasts for days
But the simple fact is, reducing matters
To misery, you've got more practice than I have
We can fight and scrap until the both of us take a last and losing gasp
So with my fingernails I'll scratch, surface the consolation that
You're just a bitter broken man; I'll get the last laugh

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