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Shotgun Blasts In The Ass

Artery Eruption

Shotgun Blasts In The Ass
Legs tied to bed.
Ass spread for my shotgun barrell to slide in-(same line)
Buttcheeks tightly clenching with fear of inexplicable pain
Pouring hot-sauce down the crack for torturous lubrication
As I twist it in as far as it will go, I watch your brain
Fly out into bits.
I fucking squeezed the trigger too early
I don't understand how one head covers an entire room
Looking at the walls, I notice strung out pieces of your guts
I blew holes out your back. Now they're smoking from the massive boom-(same line)Building a rage. You're dead too early
At least I got to fuck your pussy
I empty my gun into your assYour stomach bursted onto the sheets
Yeah!I just can't stop playing with myself
While I gulp down your flesh, not chewing
I can't breathe from swallowing so fast
Huge veins in my neck just keep swelling Shotgun Blasts In The Ass I push intestines down mythroat.
They're so smooth on the waydown.
I cleanse my face with yourshit.
Left in shame, you will befound.

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