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Reduced To A Limbless Sexslave

Artery Eruption

Every time I see you,
I want to kill you Nothing holds me back,
now that I have no lif Nothing but true violence can keep me going I sock your face so hard as I clench my knifeRealizing nothing is left for me here Battering your back with my wooden ball batI am so sick of always being shit on I punctured your gut,
to see oozing out fat(Repeat all above)I shoved my bat straight up your fucken' asshole It dissapeared up to the fucken' handleYou're a cock-whore,
that just needs painful pleasure Feel my cock as it enters your man-made cuntI took my fun too far for your sick standards My hate for you can not be put into wordsYou could never understand my fucking hate Now you're learning,
as I increase your tormentFrom my knives, you're made limbless You're reduced to my sex slaveI will keep your wound open Massive loss of blood I craveI will let you die pleading Still erect from your bleedingWith a grin,
I stab my cockOnce again, faster I fuckI jerk my cock off directly in the stomach puncture holeMy semen does not agree with your daily diet of cumIt drools out your nose, after forcing it's way up through your throat-(same line)You were smothered with my hand over your mouth. You have no pulse-(same line).

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