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Rage-induced Infant Assfuck

Artery Eruption

Rage-Induced Infant Assfuck
Parasitic worms burrow through your slimy nasal passage
I wonder what you'd be thinking if you were aliveYour colon is covered with shit flies that eat contentively
They're attracted to the most disgusting things to survive
These flies, just like me, we find peace in death
I can't stop looking at your body, as I can't stop chopping
Taken in a child that has wandered in such a wrong turn
Taking all their heads, I can't help the lopping I put the peices of the children inside
Of your now open ribcage which is boiling
With the decayed decomposition steaming
Your dead skin so hot with stink, it is soiling
A reeking bog of rotting human feces A heaping pile, murdered in human compost
Unbearable mildew, swarming with muck slugs One mix of moss, slime, funghi, algae, and moldI slipped the tube of her intestines around my dick
I jerked and masturbated her guts.Disemboweled assfuck
Bowels wrapped 'round my fists.I begin the 2nd journey of true bliss-(same line)Fingers in the rectum of such an innocent youth
Louring people to trust me, as I sneak into their chidren's rooms-(same line)Mothers go to sleep.They find such noises sweet.
Don't know what I've done-(same line)Too bad I've cut it's neck.They think blood bubbling is nothing-(same line)I convert their cribs into graves.Genitals removed from each one-(same line)I fuck their withered ass before and afterI hold their bodies in the air to fuck them
Canals too small.
Blood flies out their neck-holes
Suppressed by brainstems undeveloped.Eaten
Straight out from their tiny skulls into my mouthRipped out
with my teeth, I take out my anger
Towards all women, when I throw small bodies
You'll wake to see their head in my dried semen.

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